Blue Ocean Faith Columbus

   Powerful God, Powerful Love, Real Inclusion

Our Story

How did we come to be? Our lead pastor, Sue Arns has been friends with Ken Wilson for many years. In fall 2014, Ken was in the process of planting his church, Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor.  In her congratulatory email she asked him if anyone in Columbus was doing something similar.  In typical Ken fashion, he replied, “No, why not come up and visit and we can talk about your planting one.”  Sue was in the process of leaving a longstanding position elsewhere at the time, so didn’t think too much about it, but the idea wouldn’t leave her alone.  So last spring, she sent him a message “When’s a good time to visit?” The rest, you may say, is history. 


Sue prayed about the idea and began using social media to test the waters. As people responded to her posts, she began to invite them into the process. We started meeting as a small group in the fall of 2015 with the intent to plant a church.  In February 2016 we started meeting in Clintonville, then moved to a facility in Grandview when we outgrew the space in Clintonville. 

While there are many churches here who serve the average church-goer, there are plenty of people who wouldn’t consider attending a traditional church. We want to be a place where anyone can come in and explore faith at their own speed without the need to conform to a set of rules and religious cultural expectations.